When Should I Replace My Siding?

All siding needs maintenance and eventually should be replaced. Sometimes there’s damages that need to be addressed, while other times you are just due for a proactive refurbishment. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to replace your siding.

Warped Siding

Layers should never feel soft or start to rot. We suggest checking your siding with a screwdriver by poking underneath the siding that appears warped. If the layer underneath is not solid, you should get your siding replaced.

You Keep Repainting

If you have to repaint your siding every 5-6 years, this may be an indicator that there is something wrong with your siding. Siding is supposed to maintain its color for 8-10 years. If you are experiencing pealing, cracking or chipping than consider replacing your siding rather than simply painting over it.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills are suddenly higher than normal, you should check the insulation of your home. Once you check your attic and roof, inspect your siding to determine if this is the underlying cause. If you feel drafts of hot or cold air inside your house, this explains why your energy bills are increasing.


Even small holes in your siding are concerning. Insects are usually the culprit of smaller holes, which is enough to make a homeowner uncomfortable. You should also consider the damage these holes can inflict on your home, as you do not want to allow moisture to get in.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by fungi and starts below the siding’s surface. Eventually dry rot will eat away the body of your siding until the top layer is left alone. Since the top layer is usually still intact, it is hard to tell at first glance if the material is rotting – this is why we recommend tapping on your siding with a rubber handle of a tool. If your home is suffering from dry rot, we highly suggest replacing your siding.

Loose or Cracked Siding

A few cracked or loose shingles are normal and no cause for alarm. At this point you can simply replace those boards, as long as the layers underneath are not cracked or broken. Beware of larger sections that are cracked, however. This may require professional assistance to fix the damage.


All siding has a lifespan, and fading is a sign that your siding is nearing its end. Fading indicates that the siding is no longer as waterproof as it should be.

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