Five Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Driving down any quiet neighborhood street, you naturally notice eye-catching homes that are well maintained. What’s the homeowners’ secret? Certainly, these people must spend hours every day keeping up that pristine “new home” look. What if we told you that’s not always the case?

There’s no denying a home with curb appeal looks loved and nurtured. You can see the care in the landscaping, driveway siding, door, roof and attention to color and detail. Even though it may seem unattainable, reaching this level of neighborhood envy doesn’t take a ton of work! A few small projects can really take your home from passing glance to “oh my goodness!”

Here are a few things you can do to boost your home’s curb appeal:

Plant Flowers!

Adding a flowerbed or two is a great way to spruce up your yard and keep it looking colorful. You can also plant shrubs and seasonal plants to add pops of color and a fresh feeling throughout the year. The best place for shrubbery and flowers is at the base of the house near the foundation. Since this is one of the least attractive areas of a home, this will add a nice touch to the overall aesthetic of the home.[1]

If you don’t have space for large plants or flower beds, consider potted plants or containers with colorful flowers to achieve that welcoming look. Potted gardens are a great way to add a splash of beauty to the front area of your home as well.[3]

Replace Old, Damaged Siding

Whether homeowners realize it or not, siding is the one of the biggest contributing factors to the overall aesthetic to the exterior of their home. Stunning siding not only adds curb appeal but can also add value to your house. If you’re unsure of your siding’s condition, grab your slippers and take a stroll. Walk around your home and look for any warping, cracks, hole and dry rot. If you see any of these signs or have noticed a higher heating or cooling bill, this could be a hint that it’s time to consider replacement.[2]

Fortunately, Momentum Home offers a wide variety of siding for homeowners to choose from. With stylish options like wood, vinyl, fiber cement and stone veneer, homeowners can choose the perfect siding to fit the homes’ needs and their personal style.

Focus on the Front Door

Any person that comes to visit your home will have to walk through your front door at one point or another! Whether it’s friends or family, a beautiful, bright front door will have your guests feeling right at home. When you choose to work with Momentum, you can browse from a large selection of top-notch Camelot Series doors.

The Chicago Tribune , “With a well-designed front entry, you can welcome friends and neighbors to your warm, comfortable residence. At the same time, you will discourage unwelcome visitors with a strong and secure barrier to your home.”[3]

By adding a pop of color or glass features to your front door, you can skyrocket your curbside appeal and become the envy of the neighborhood. With more than 10 years in the industry, you can trust that Momentum will install the best of the best for your home.

Keep it Simple

Not only do your neighbors see your colorful flowers, clean siding and welcoming front door, they also see all the other things on your property too! Take a look around your yard and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit into the aesthetic of the front of your home. Keeping things to a minimum is an easy way to maintain your yard and leave it looking clean and put together. A rule of thumb, anything that isn’t beneficial to your lifestyle or attractive, consider giving it away, selling it, recycling it or simply throwing it away. Speaking of throwing things away…find any garbage cans or recycling bins and hide them in an out-of-sight place. Not only will this improve the overall look, but your neighbors will also thank you.[3]

Take Care of Your Lawn

Siding may cover the majority of your home, but what covers the majority of your property? Your lawn! Since this is a significant part of the property, the condition of your front yard can drastically impact the overall curb appeal to your home. It is good practice to regularly manicure your lawn to keep it looking tidy and tame. This doesn’t have to be an “all day” approach – you can spend five minutes pulling weeds each weekend or raking leaves when they begin to fall! Every bit counts.

You Can Count on Momentum

At Momentum Home, we redefine renovation. With a team of experts, you will have the option to choose from various configurations for your doors, windows, siding and roofing. No matter the project size, Momentum Home is ready to help you bring yours into the future.

Call us today to learn more at 1-888-338-HOME.




[3] Chicago Tribune

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