The 12 Days of Holiday Safety

Please remember that while ‘tis the season to be merry, it is also a time where energy usage can be high and chances of fire are greater. Christmas decorations are one of the many things homeowners forget to properly monitor. Please keep your homes safe this holiday season!

Never leave lights unattended.

Even if you’re just going to sleep, make sure to shut your lights off. You should never leave your lights on if no one is around or awake in case of an emergency.

Timers and remote controls make shutting your lights off much easier. You can program them to shut off at night while your sleeping, or simply click the remote if you are leaving the house.

Indoor and outdoor lights are not interchangeable.

Indoor lights aren’t sealed against moisture like outside lights, making them unsafe in winter weather. Make sure to carefully read the label when you are purchasing string lights to make sure they are designed for what you’re looking for!

Get rid of old lights.

Modern lights are much safer because they have fused plugs to prevent sparks in the event of a short circuit. Incandescent lights should be replaced every 4-6 years, while LED lights can be replaced every 7-10 years.

Avoid using electric lights on metallic trees.

Metallic trees can easily become charged with electricity, which in turn shocks anyone who touches it. Do not add string lights onto a metallic tree to avoid injury!

Secure candles.

Make sure all candles are placed on flat surfaces out of the reach of small children. Make sure to blow out any and all candles before leaving your house or going to sleep.

Securely fasten your light strings.

Wind and storms can blow loose light strands, causing potential electrical hazards. Take your time and securely fasten string lights so that it can withstand windy weather.

Place space heaters on flat surfaces.

Never place space heaters on cabinets, tables, furniture or carpet. This can cause heaters to fall or catch fire next to these materials. In addition, make sure to unplug and safely store your space heater when it is not in use!

Keep live trees away from heat sources.

Live trees easily catch fire, so make sure the tree is not placed in front of a vent, space heater or fireplace.

Water your tree regularly – a dried out tree catches fire faster than one that is hydrated. Start with a green tree to keep it from drying too quickly.

Don’t burn wrapping paper in the fireplace.

If you are concerned about the amount of waste produced by wrapping paper, we have a much better solution than burning it in your fireplace! We encourage everyone to recycle their wrapping paper after Christmas – or even better, reuse it for smaller gifts!

Work as a team.

If you are decorating an area that is out of your reach, be sure to use a ladder with someone supporting the base!

From all of us here at Momentum Home, we wish you a safe and jolly holiday season!



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