Stay Cool & Pay Less

Summer can feel especially tricky to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but you don’t need to blast your air conditioner to do so! Check out our tips to stay cool and reduce energy usage without breaking the bank.

Keep a Steady Temperature

We know how tempting it can be to crank your thermostat on extremely hot days. But for the sake of your wallet, don’t!

According to the Department of Energy, setting your temperature to 78 degrees in the summer can still keep your home feeling comfortable and cool while saving up to 10% in energy costs per year [1]. If you prefer, you can set it to stay slightly lower as long as you do not constantly change the temperature drastically.

You can also consider getting a programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature for hours that you typically aren’t home and cools down for when you are. This is a lower maintenance option that can also help save in the long run.

Use Your Fans

Fans can make a world of a difference in the summer and consume less energy than blasting the air conditioner does. Utilize ceiling or portable fans to maintain circulation throughout your house while being able to easily unplug or switch off when you aren’t present. The slight breeze can help you cool down without having to spike your energy bill.

System Upgrades

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their appliances for a more long-term solution. Check if your appliances, such as your refrigerator or air conditioner, are Energy Star certified. These models are more energy efficient and more environmentally-friendly.

If now is not the right time for you to upgrade, try to at least perform seasonal maintenance to keep your appliances running at optimal efficiency.

Treat Yourself

Going out to eat more can actually help you save on your utilities! By dining out and using your kitchen less often than usual, you will be able to maintain a cooler temperature. If you do eat at home, try serving meals that do not require the oven.

This is not to say to NEVER use your oven – that is an unrealistic expectation for many families and homeowners! When you do decide to cook at home, resist the urge to blast your air conditioner afterwards.

Check Your Insulation

The heat can be sneaking into your home through poorly sealed windows, damaged siding or old roofs. Although these issues may seem small individually, they can significantly add to your energy costs by making your air conditioning less effective.

Home improvement projects like these are a bigger feat, but come with bigger rewards. A properly insulated home maintains a consistent temperature much easier than one that is due for some upgrades.

If you think this might be your solution during the summer months, call Momentum Home. We provide a wealth of options that not only can help you save on your utility bill but will also refine your home’s appearance.

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