Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced

How often do you take the time to look up at your roof? Like many things, a roof renovation or replacement can become “out of sight out of mind” type of problem. Even thought you’d rather not worry about it, checking your roof’s condition is critical to its upkeep and stability. As weather changes from hot to cold, extreme weather conditions occur or the roof is simply aging, it is important to look out for the warning signs.

Curled Shingles

Curled or cupped shingles are some of the first noticeable signs that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired. This is the most common with asphalt roofs and can occur for a few reasons. The main reason could be that your attic is not properly ventilated. When heat and moisture get trapped in your attic and cannot escaped, the shingles are basically cooked from the inside.[1]

Can You See Cracks and Bald Spots?

Another sign that you may cause you to consider a replacement is the appearance of bald spots and cracked shingles. The location of your home will influence the weather that your roof experiences. Severe weather such as extreme cold, heat and storms can cause bald spots or cracked shingles.

This is also known as granule loss, “which is uniform across the roof is usually a result of normal weathering. Over time, the bond between the granules and asphalt deteriorates, and granules will be loosened and carried away by runoff. Prolonged exposure to hail can also loosen granules.”[2]

While bald spots and cracks may not seem like such a big deal, they can lead to problems down the road. Weathering overtime can lead to your shingles experiencing granule loss and inevitably falling off your roof. Noticing these signs can help homeowners protect their homes and wallet from costly repairs.

Consider the Age of your Roof

The average asphalt roof lasts about 20-30 years, and as it gets older, deterioration becomes more visible. While aged shingles don’t typically lead to emergency situations that can require spending on roof repair services, understanding the age is helpful knowing how to calculate when you may need a new roof.[3]

Fortunately, Momentum Home offers full roof replacements with only the best materials. With top-of-the-line products from Owen’s Corning and GAF, you can trust your roof will be built to last.

Neighbors Are Redoing Their Roofs

Take a look around your neighborhood. Chances are, your neighbors’ homes have a similar roof – if not, the exact same one as yours. Homes that are built around the same time frame experience the same types of weather and aging. If your neighbors’ roofs are beginning to look old and weathered, you can bet your own roof may look a little shabby too.

Dark Streaks and the Presence of Mold

Other signs of an aging roof are the presence of dark streaks or mold. Dark streaks on a roof can be caused by an airborne algae, although this may not necessarily harm your roof shingles, it certainly does not look good. Moss can start appearing on your roof in areas that are damp or do not receive a lot of sunlight. It holds moisture against the roof surface and, over time, can cause damage in freezing climates, as frozen water expands. Even though you can brush moss off of your roof shingles, this does not prevent regrowth. It is very easy to damage shingles when removing mold, it is suggested to contact a professional roofing contractor like Momentum Home.[4]

How Can Momentum Home Help?

Whether it’s typical wear-and-tear or a sudden issue brought on by rough weather, a compromise in the condition of your roof can be disastrous. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of roofing shingle solutions and we’re ready to help you today!

For more information on how you can get your roof replaced, please call 1-888-338-HOME.


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