4 Signs It’s Time For New Windows

Windows can make or break any room in a home. Not only do they give your house a certain aesthetic and style, but they also provide light and insulation that can help lower your utility bill. However, if you’re noticing a draft in your home, a spike in your energy bill or that your windows look worn then it may be time to replace them. Here are the top warning signs that it’s time for an upgrade!

1. They’re Damaged

One of the most obvious reasons to replace a window is because it’s damaged, warped or broken. If the damage is minor, such as damaged weatherstripping or hardware, then you may be able to simply repair it rather than replacing the entire window. However, windows that let in drafts, fog up or get stuck when trying to open and close them should probably be replaced.

2. Your Bills are High

Are you noticing a spike in your electricity bill? Are you finding it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without cracking up the heat or air conditioning? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we highly suggest checking your windows to see if they are properly insulating your home. In fact, properly insulated windows can save homeowners 10% to 25% on their energy bills [1].

It’s important to note that different windows can be efficient based on your home’s location and other factors. Ask a specialist at Momentum Home to see which windows would be the most efficient choice for your home.

3. There Was a Severe Storm

If you live in a tornado, hurricane or extreme storm-prone area, you have probably lived to see some damage inflicted on your home. Damaged windows are a possibility in locations like these, which is why it may be in these residents’ best interest to switch to low maintenance, storm-resistant windows. Even if the windows don’t break, they could be gradually worn down by wind, water and debris. Storm-resistant windows can give you peace-of-mind if this situation occurs in the future.

4. You’re Thinking About a Home Makeover

Even if there isn’t any major damage, it is still okay to want to replace your windows! Windows are a major feature that set the tone for your home’s aesthetic. If they look worn, you might feel that the whole room looks dated.

We suggest that if this is the case, consider changing the type of window to switch things up. If you have a window from a fixed sash, maybe switch to a window that opens. Larger windows are also a great way to increase a room’s natural light, which has been said to improve both the aesthetic and a family’s mental health.

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[1] https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/tips-windows

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